Hopes and Fears: 2019

tumblr_ontkywr2HD1vhw4rho1_400Only a day to go until 2019, wow. Time flies when you are stuffing your face with turkey, drinking all the mead you have and playing games until you pass out. Hands down the best Christmas I’ve had yet! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas as well.

So, with 2019 only a day away, I want to share my hopes and fears for the upcoming year.

In preparation for this Ramble, I reread last year’s Hopes and Fears Ramble and it seemed a lot more hopeful than this years and my fears came true.

Namely, I feared for the future of the internet and low and behold, Article 13 got passed. Oh, joy.

Overall, this year has been rough for me, but that is a story for another Ramble and I have been on a target long enough so let’s discuss the topic at hand.

Firstly I hope Article 13 gets revoked. I doubt it at this point but part of me still holds on to the idea that it will not come to pass.



My other hope and therefore a personal one, I hope I can continue running Nerd Rambles and that it will grow. This little blog has been running for four years now and I am so proud of how it has changed over the years. I pray that it will evolve more in 2019.

Firstly I fear that the Gaming Industry will not only continue its dodgy practices but it will only get worse. Looking at you Bethesda and EA, you know what you did. If they get away with stuff like this, who is to say they won’t try anything worse down the line?

aa41e462b5238121bceb03fdd3705d00On a personal note, I fear for my mental health and college. Over the past year, my mental state has been getting worse. I worry that it will continue to go downhill.

As for College, I am doing my best but I am still worried that my best simply isn’t enough.

I said this last year and it bears repeating, I believe that we should all hope for the best, yet prepare for the worst.



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  1. I also hope you continue with Nerd Rambles. I use my blog to say those things I lack listeners for and to clarify my own thoughts rather than keeping them cloudy and uncertain.

    Even if nobody sees what you write, it is good for you. Having an audience to like and even occasionally comment is priceless. (Or even dislike, as long as they have something useful to say about why.)

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