Merry Christmas Everyone!

Just two days to go until Christmas!

While I ranted about how much the run-up to the holiday is horrible for me, I still love Christmas. My Christmas Spirit doesn’t kick in until Christmas Eve but once it does it is here to stay.

Christmas is chaotic in my house. This year 32 members of my family are coming over. I am convinced the phrase ‘The more the merrier’ was started by a distant descendant.

Honestly, while the days beforehand are insane as we prep for the day nothing beats a family Christmas night. Delicious food, good drinks and great company.


Hopefully, you will also have a wonderful Christmas! I want to give special Christmas wishes to some special people.

Of course first on the list has to be my best friend, Shiloh. Thank you for being there to listen to me rant and slap some sense into me!

Burning Maggots, I know we haven’t seen each other enough this year but just know that you are still dear friends to me and I love you guys!

Martina, I am going to miss you so much. I wish you all the best but remember if you ever need a laugh I’m only a DM away.

original (2)Last but certainly not least, everyone in OWLS as they have been wonderful. Thank you so much for the support, especially when I opened up about the difficulties I have. You are all amazing people and I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Especially you, Scott. Thanks for the advice and introducing me to OWLS!

Seriously, I can’t thank y’all enough. Since joining Nerd Rambles has grown to 126 followers! Considering I was only at 76 this time last year, it’s quite an improvement.

While 2018 has been a pretty rough year for me, it has been a great year for Nerd Rambles. I hope that I can continue the momentum and improve further in the new year.

One last time for good measure, Merry Christmas Everyone!


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