[OWLS December Blog Tour] Practically Perfect in Every Way

This month OWLS has asked us to write about miracles in pop culture and at first, I thought about maybe writing about an anime but then it hit me, why not talk about the most magical miracle worker from my childhood?

AdoredHarmfulBlackbear-smallMary Poppins.

After all, what is more miraculous than a woman who not only comes at your time of need, has magic powers she uses to help those around her but also fixes a broken family and does it all without breaking a sweat?

I’ll wait.

I will admit that this is the nostalgia talking, Mary Poppins was not only one of my favourite movies as a child and was constantly on in my house, along with Bedknobs and Broomsticks but even as an adult I still adore it.

Sidenote, I almost picked Bedknobs and Broomsticks as my topic instead because the plot revolves around magic more than Mary Poppins. Also, any chance to rant about that awesome scene near the end where Miss Price leads an army of reanimated suits of armour to fight the Nazis that invade her village I will gladly take. Think I’m joking?

Back on topic, something I noticed is how Mary used her magic. She wasn’t bragging or showing off, she used it in a matter of fact fashion like how someone would use a tool. Part of the reason I loved her so much as a kid, she made magic look so effortless.

That struck a chord with me as while I’m sure this was not intended I got the impression that it was saying “hey, you don’t need magic to make a difference. Just be a decent person and help how you can.” which is probably just me reading way to much into it.

However, consider the most powerful moment and song, Feed the Birds. Nothing to do with magic, simply a small act of kindness.

8gQxNot to mention that when we see the steps the old lady was sitting on later on, she is gone. Yes, she might have just left but even as a kid I thought the movie was hinting that she died.

That tuppence Michael wanted to give her might have been enough to help her. A tiny genre like this can mean so much to someone else.

An everyday miracle.

Mary Poppins showed younger me that miracles can happen every day, but only if someone makes an effort to do so. It doesn’t have to be a big effort, only a conscious one. Something I still believe to this day.

Even now her stern but kind words inspire me and many others. So thank you, Mary Poppins, for making my childhood magical.



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