Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald Review

After seeing The Crimes of Grindelwald last night, I am still unsure about how I feel about it.

I’ll get to that in a moment but in the meanwhile let’s start the review.

Following the events of the previous movie, Newt is asked by both the Ministry of Magic and Dumbledore to hunt down Creedence Barebone before Grindelwald gets to him. Reunited with old friends he must stop Grindelwald from using him in his plan for pure-blood supremacy.

4897faecbc9908337550cb1b5037b026For the most part, this is a good movie. Good effects, great acting and up until the end a well-written story.

The reason I say that is as a long time fan of the franchise, reading the books as well as watching the movies, there are several continuity issues. Characters show up before they are even born.

Then there is a reveal that left my normally well-mannered friend shrieking “What the f*ck!” until after the credits were done.

Oh, and she continued to rant about it for a good 20 minutes after the film.

That is why I am conflicted and why this review is a bit different than others. I’m kinda using it to vent. Sorry if you were looking for an objective one, you are not finding it here.

Up until that moment to that reveal close to the end I was down for the ride. Yes a character popped up before she was born but I could forgive that, but the reveal just annoyed me. After all, it majorly messes with the books and the surrounding lore.

Honestly, if you are only a fan of the movies I’m sure you will be fine with the changes, but it will annoy you if you have read the books. I think of these as a separate canon from the books. You know, like the Marvel Comic Universe and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Same source material, different continuities.

original (1).gif

On a more positive note, I went in expecting to roll my eyes at Nagini but she ended up being a rather likeable character, trying her best to support Creedence as he searched for his birth family. However, even this is a bit confusing considering the character she becomes down the road. In this case, I think it will be explained in a follow-up movie.

Sorry for the worst review I have ever written but I am still puzzled by this movie. Clearly, it was made for the fans but they change important things that will anger longtime fans. I just don’t get it!


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