Top 5 Obsessions of 2018

I know that this is only the second week of December, but I am already in a reflective mood. As harsh as this year has been to me, I have had some good times and found several new things to get obsessed with.

tenorSo, I decided to pick out my top five new obsessions and share them with you.

If you want to read more about each of the picks, I will include a link to each ramble that features the topic in question.

Without further delay, here are my five favourite new obsessions of 2018.

5. XCOM 2

xcom_shield_logoI had my eye on this and other Real-Time Strategy games for a while but friends who know my taste when it comes to games kept talking me out of buying it. Thankfully PS Plus came to my rescue as it was one of the free monthly games. Whoo Hoo!

While it has been several months since I started playing XCOM 2 I am still terrible at it but I keep coming back for more as it is addictive.

Though perhaps part of the reason I keep playing it is I constantly mess up so badly I have to restart missions over and over again. Still, nothing is more satisfying than finally completing that mission you have been struggling on for the past few hours.

4. Pyre

The reason I got into Pyre, to begin with, is thanks to the late great TotalBiscuit. He was gushing about this game so many times I needed to check it out and I am glad I did.


Pyre is an amazing RPG with interesting gameplay, beautiful graphics and incredible music. I still listen to the soundtrack all the time. Darren Korb is seriously talented!

I haven’t played Transistor and Bastion but I plan to once I can afford to grab them. If they are half as good as Pyre I will be happy.

3. Far Cry 5

tumblr_p82iwyhruz1v2wd85o1_400Once again I am really late to the game (hehe) as Far Cry 5 is the first Far Cry game I have played. Maybe it’s because its the first one I have played, but I loved it. This is the game I keep playing the most as it is so much fun!

I love how they handled the Cult, making it realistic to the point that it was terrifying because you realise that people like this exist in our world.

I had so much fun running around and coming up with new strategies to take down compounds, finding new combos of Guns for Hire and completing some of the most ridiculous side missions I have ever seen in a video game.

Oh, and the characters are great as well. Faith and Grace are my favourites.

2. Yakuza Kiwami

tumblr_o3flvhqtrc1v69k47o4_400.gifYakuza Kiwami has everything I love in games and then some. Fun gameplay, interesting characters and a well-written story.

Not to mention how the game goes from gritty and serious to cartoony fun in a matter of seconds. Goro Majima has to be my favourite character, seeing the schemes he cooks up to try and fight ‘Kiryu-chan’ never fails to amuse me.

The best element gameplay wise has to be the combat since you are given several different styles to pick from depending on your preference and the enemies you are squaring off with.

Smashing a motorbike over someone’s head never gets old.

1 The Adventure Zone

Bet you thought this was going to be another game. Nope!

Since I got into D&D this year I have been seeking out more D&D related content and the best by far has to be The Adventure Zone. It is a podcast hosted by three brothers Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy and their dad Clint as they play D&D together.


While that might not sound like much, trust me when I say it is amazing. Griffin is one hell of a DM and the others create memorable and fun characters. At the begining, it starts off light-hearted and comedic but as the show goes on it becomes a whole new ride. I cannot recommend it enough!

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