Achievement Unlocked: Survived Edinburgh Dungeon

Before we get started, I always thought The Dungeons were a UK thing. However, after doing a little bit of research, it turns out that The Dungeons also operate in Shanghai, Amsterdam, Berlin, Hamburg and even San Francisco. The more you know.

the-edinburgh-dungeonAnyway, back in 2012 when I was a lass of 15, I went to The London Dungeon on a week-long High School trip. As much as I loved history, particularly true crime and disturbing history I was a total wuss.

I ended up having a great time (when I wasn’t using a friend as a human shield and screaming at the top of my lungs) and wanted to check out the only Dungeon in Scotland.

It took me a while, six years to be precise but yesterday I finally went.

My friend Martina found a great deal that meant our tickets would come to £9 each so we decided to go.

The Dungeons, from what I can tell, have a similar setup in terms of what you get. You start off in the Courtroom where you get judged, end up on a boat ride, “executed” and then lost in the maze of souls which is a cool mirror maze. How they happen is in a different order and it all gets localised to the area The Dungeon calls home.

Now, I was a wimp at 15, 22 year old me has to be stronger willed right? Nope! If anything I am an even bigger scaredy cat. I clung to Martina so much I am surprised her arm wasn’t covered in bruises by the time we left.

dMecNcXAlso, I learned a lesson the hard way. Don’t wear a Christmas Jumper to an event like this. I got singled out in the Courtroom and made to dance to prove my insanity. Yeah, not my proudest moment.

I also wimped out of the boat ride. In the London one, I wasn’t given a choice to sit it out and hated every second of it. I had my head buried between my legs and hands over my ears. This time I was lead to a separate area where I had to sit alone while I waited for my group.

Honestly, it wasn’t so bad besides the fact I couldn’t read the two big signs they had talking about the legend of Sawey Bean, which in fairness I already knew, as I waited under a sign that said: “Wait here, a cannibal will collect you shortly”.

Oh, and since I didn’t go on the boat I got picked on again. Which is fair enough. However, the Sawney Bean cave was the worst part for me. The sounds, the actors disappearing and popping out of holes in the wall and the body dropped out of the roof right above me. I was terrified.

My favourite bit has to be the mirror maze at the end. Even though I walked into one I loved it. I swear that you have the weirdest sensation when you finally find the exit. When you are finally out it feels like you are rebooting after leaving the Matrix or something. The Witch Hunt segment and Plague part were great too.


Something I want to point out is that when I didn’t take part in Braveheart’s Revenge the actors and staff were very kind and understanding. I told them I had Autism and one gent saw how badly I was shaking that he talked to me to help calm me down and reassured me that I made the right choice. I really appreciated that.

The funniest part to me was walking into the gift shop, skulls and bloody items as far as the eye can see and what do you hear? Merry Christmas Everyone playing. I couldn’t help but giggle at that.

I’m glad I finally went. Maybe I will return but if I do I will not wear a Christmas Jumper. Not doing that again!

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