Young Justice Will Return Next Year

giphyOf all the upcoming content coming to DC Universe, the one I am most excited about is Young Justice: Outsiders.

Young Justice: Outsiders is the long-awaited third season of Young Justice which was cancelled back in 2013 to the disappointment of fans.

If I remember correctly, it was canned due to the lacking numbers of toys sold which was due in part to having an older audience compared to the show that replaced it, Teen Titans GO!

Side note, that is part of the reason Teen Titans GO! received a lot of hate as fans of Young Justice wanted their more, dare I say, mature show back. Plus fans of the original Teen Titans hated it for “dumbing down” the show they loved but that is a topic for another day.

Like many fans, I was gutted when the show got canned. It was my favourite cartoon at the time and to see it scrapped sucked as there was a lot of interesting storylines that never got finished.

Now, as someone who used to love the show, I have some concerns. Normally when I write what I like to call ‘Hopes and Fears’ I do it by splitting the article in two but frankly, my hopes are generic and I only have one big fear when it comes to this season.

Major spoiler warning, if you don’t want a big plot point spoiled if you haven’t seen Young Justice please stop reading and you yourself a favour and watch the show.

7c693cab95594458e5ef5692c66c73a5Is Kid Flash really gone for good, or will he return?

Wally West is not only my favourite Flash but also one of my favourite DC characters. I was heartbroken by his death in the show. However, some folks have started to suspect that he might return. I really hope so.

I will admit, as much as I hope my favourite Speedster rejoins the team I doubt it as his voice actor Jason Spisak is playing a different character, Forager. I know voice actors sometimes play multiple characters in the same show but my instincts are telling me it’s unlikely that he will return.

At least, in this season.

Apparently, the writers have already started planning for the fourth season, if I were a gambling gal I would bet that if he is going to return it might be in the fourth season, not Outsiders.

All in all, there isn’t really any point in me ranting on about the possibility when I can just wait until January and watch the show instead.

Young Justice: Outsiders is due to be released on January 4, 2019.

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