New Alien Game?

While scrolling the internet trying to find something interesting I stumbled on something that caught my wandering attention.

A possible new Alien game.

giphy (6)It was spotted on the WIPO Global Brand Database that 20th Century Fox has trademarked the name Alien: Blackout a few days ago.

Now, at the time of writing Fox hasn’t released any statements regarding this but the internet has popped on its collective thinking cap and theorised that this will be a new Alien game.

Now, normally I would list off all the info we have and maybe add an opinion or two, however, I can’t do that this time as well, we know nothing at the time of writing. All we have to go with is the trademarked name and a few tweets.

As others have pointed out that the motto of The Weyland-Yutani Corporation is “Building better worlds”. Some suspect that during the Game Awards next month we will either get a teaser of some sort or just some basic info regarding the game.

Another tweet that got folks excited was from the one and only Hideo Kojima.

Geoff Keighley responded, repeating the phase Worlds Will Change. This could just be a little inside joke but I like others like to think that Hideo Kojima is involved with the game somehow.

Is Hideo Kojima making a new Alien game? When will it be out? How is it going to turn out?

No idea, but time will tell.


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