Steam Autumn Sale 2018

Sorry that this article is rather rushed, but most of this was written in a short time frame. I promise that the next post will be better quality.

Of course the Autumn Sale arrives when I’m broke and ends a few days before I get paid. Thanks, Gabe!

Black Friday is tomorrow and Cyber Monday is just around the corner, meaning it is time once again for the Steam Autumn Sale.

giphy (4)
This doesn’t happen here

Side note, Black Friday isn’t really a thing here in Scotland. Yeah, some shops offer rather good deals around this time of year but at the end of the day, it is a regular shopping day.

If anything, thanks to the chaos that people think will happen if they go to the local shopping centre it is actually rather quiet.

I have worked on two Black Fridays and both times I went in expecting carnage but it turned out to be a slow dull day indeed.

As I said in a previous Ramble, I’m broke so I won’t be able to get anything or at least only get one game. Still, there is the Winter Sale so I don’t think I’ll miss too many deals. I have set myself a goal of spending under £7 so it is just a matter of finding the right game for me for the right price.

Not only is the Sale on, but now is the time to nominate games and developers for the 2018 Steam Awards. Voting for the Awards will happen in February. Needless to say, there are rewards for nominating. I myself have already voted for my picks.

giphy (5)From what I can tell there are some great deals on offer but I haven’t had a proper look yet. The ones that have caught my eye so far are Dead Cells for £17.59, The Witcher Wild Hunt for £12.49 and Total War: WARHAMMER II for £19.99

Keep an eye on your bank account, folks. Happy bargain hunting!


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