Final Thoughts on Final Girls

Even though I like horror films all year round, like many others I binge-watch as many as I can this month. Considering how little free time I have on my hands I will admit I am not able to watch as many as I hoped to.

51YTsney-yL._SX323_BO1,204,203,200_But despite my lack of free time, I found a book in my local library that peaked my interest so I picked it up. It’s called Final Girls by Riley Sager.

I’m only a few chapters in, and so far I am really enjoying the story, but it got me thinking about the Final Girl trope.

Basically, the Final Girl trope is when the last one standing after the massacre or even the one who finally takes down the villain is a girl.

Personally, as a girl myself, I like the trope. Well, when its done correctly. I have heard some complain that its sexist as the Final Girl is sometimes an innocent virgin but that isn’t really the case, at least in my opinion.

Also while doing my research for this discussion the male gaze kept popping up and I am going to leave that can of worms alone, I’m not qualified to talk about it.

When done badly, I would rather see the bland Final Girl die but I’ll be honest most of the final girls I have seen are either fine or really cool.

That or I have bad taste, which is very possible considering my track record. (3)Take the Friday the 13th films for example. The final girls in that series are badasses in their own right. Notably my favourite Ginny from the second entry in the series, who uses her knowledge of child psychology on Jason and fights for her life until the end.

I just realised how much I have gushed about Friday the 13th. Bad news, I’m not done quite yet!

I get why people have an issue with the Final Girl surviving because of their “virtue” but I don’t really mind as long as they are a compelling character in their own right. Such as Ginny, and intelligent and strongwilled woman. Let’s not forget Trish Jarvis, who did everything she could to try and protect her little brother the fan favourite, Tommy Jarvis.

To sum up my final thoughts on the Final Girl trope is that I am for it if its done right. If you give me a decent character then I won’t mind, just don’t be lazy. Seriously, we are meant to root for her after all, the least you can do is make her likeable!

anigif_sub-buzz-14730-1508348971-2What is your opinion on the Final Girl Trope? Also, what are your plans for Halloween and are you dressing up? I went as a Murdered Camp Councilor last year but I altered it a tad so this year I’m going as a Final Girl Camp Councilor.

Mainly because I can’t afford a new costume and my boss told me off last year for it being too gory. Oh yeah, I’m wearing it to college and work.


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