Confessions of a D&D Player

I briefly mentioned in a ramble how I have become obsessed with D&D. You can blame Thomas for that. Most of our conversations during breaks in college tend to revolve around D&D.

Well, I say conversations. It’s more like me asking a tone of questions and bugging him constantly about it.

In our last session, I kept begging asking him to replace some of the NPCs with characters from The Adventure Zone. That’s on him, he was the one who introduced me to it in the first place.

I filled out a character sheet last year as my best friend and I planned to start playing together, but it never happened. It sat in a corner of my room untouched for months until now.

Drawn By NightWonder7

My character has changed a lot since day one. Even her name is now different, it was originally Mareya but we all struggled to say it so now it’s Autumn Breezedream.

I had way too much fun making her, I even had a commision of her done. It’s the header image in fact and it was done by Samm Taylor, before that I got lucky and won an art raffle you can see on the right.

She is a Half-Elf Arcane Trickster, but my original plan was to make her a Ranger. Thing is, I messed up on my character sheet and figured eh, let’s just go with it.

She started out as Lawful Good, well mannered and friendly. After the first session, she was barely recognisable. She is polite and tries to talk her way out of harm, but is also the first one to say “F**k it, I tried. Let’s kill them” and is the first one to lose her patience.

One time Kieran as his Dragonborn Monk Bauzaar and Øystein as his Kobold Ranger Nishka drove her up the wall so she left, went to the local tavern and got drunk.

Her backstory has been morphed too, namely because my ideas about Elves and Half-Elves came from the work of Tolkien. When I pitched my first draft to Thomas he gave me a look then shook his head muttering “Tolkien” then he explained the differences to me.

In my defence, my mum read The Hobbit to my sister and I when we were children so I grew up with that version. Not that I am complaining.

The one element that has stayed true is her curiosity. While her party is fighting for their lives, she is in the corner taking notes. She even took notes while fighting an Intellect devourer!

tumblr_ol1es3Lg4a1tevcm3o1_500In the most recent session, as my character loves books she spent all her gold buying a bunch of books. I ended up waking up with more than I spent in my hands at a casino after a wild party so it worked out in the end.

The campaign we are playing at the moment is Waterdeep: Dragon Heist and so far I’m having a blast with it despite my dismal performance in the last session. I will not lie, I got really salty about it and got told to lighten up. Yeah, I need to work on that but I’m bitter by nature.

In my party we all speak Draconic, so we have been using it to discuss our plans and insult NPCs. Part of me fears the day we use it only to find out someone else understands what we are saying, the other part of me kinda looks forward to it.

I love playing it so much that I missed a day of a family holiday just to attend last week’s one. While my family were living it up in Northumberland I spent most of my day in a pub getting salty because my dice was being mean to me.

My dad picked me up the next day, he was just glad I was leaving the house even if it was to play D&D. Thanks, Dad!

The next session is tomorrow, I can’t wait!




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  1. What a fun post! Your character sounds like a lot of fun to play, and I really like her name! I’m involved in a few DnD campaigns right now (I’m even DM-ing one, though not skillfully), and I love having a chance to hang out with friends and live out live stories with them. I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus from my games due to school work. I hang out with them, and “play” if they need me, doing research during boss fights until my turn rolls around and then unleashing damage on whatever badguys are nearby. This requires quite a bit of teamwork on the part of my friends and lenience on the part of the DM. They’re gracious enough to allow me to claim that certain skills (like hunter’s mark) that require the player to announce when they change enemies to move clockwise when my target enemy dies. Haha, I’m very thankful for them!

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