Confessions of a Con Goer

This is my fourth year of going to MCM Scotland Comic Con in two days and I can’t wait. I figured as I finalise my cosplay and prepare I might as well recount my previous experiences.

I have been to about eight conventions so far, five of them being Collectormaina or as it’s known now Film and Comic Con. I used to love it but the past two times I went it was rather underwhelming and I haven’t been back since.

I always leave my debit card at home so I don’t spend too much on the day, I have no impulse control at all. That being said I was rather good last year, I only bought some tees, a couple of light novels, some art and Japanese candy.

yRzkEKnI’m cosplaying as a Moogle this year and at the time of writing, I haven’t exactly finished it. I still haven’t made the Pom for it.

That isn’t my only issue with this costume, you see my best friend and I are going together and we have priority tickets. We tend to show up at a decent time but we still need to wait outside in the Scottish Autumn weather and my cosplay is a light dress.

Yeah, I’m going to freeze to death.

I have considered dropping the cosplay and just wearing something comfy instead but since I have sunk a fair amount of cash into this I can’t bring myself to.

I normally don’t care too much about the celebs who come to the events. This year one of my favourite voice actors Vic Mignogna is one of the featured guests and I freaked out. Three of the voice actors from Overwatch are going to be there too as well as Nolan North and Troy Baker!

One of the downsides for me is that I don’t handle crowds well. I am Autistic and all that noise can really take a toll on me. Best case scenario it’s just a bit irritating, worst case I get a splitting headache or panic. Thankfully I will not be alone and I have learned to handle it a bit better.

tumblr_m8dhi5YKY31qdpphpo2_500By the end of the convention, I am a mess. Despite how cold it is this time of year the convention hall is always roasting. So when you leave you are thrown from an oven into a blast chiller. Not to mention how exhausted you are after it. I only go for one day, how can people handle going multiple days? Teach me your secrets!

I have been lucky in the past and gotten the day after the convention off from work but not this year. Thankfully it’s a late shift so I should be able to get some proper rest before work, fingers crossed.

All in all, I can’t wait until the 22nd! If you are going too I hope you have a wonderful time!

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