Avengers Drinking Game

With Avengers: Infinity War now out on DVD, now is the time to drink away the pain. Yes, we have time to emotionally heal since it was out in theatres but some of us are still not quite over it.

This game is tailored to Infinity War but can work with the other Avengers movies. Also please drink responsibly, ok? Ok.

Take a shot when:

  • giphy (3)There is a reference to the comics
  • Stan Lee’s cameo
  • A news report is shown on TV
  • Costume changes
  • A character dies
  • Explosion
  • Location change
  • Someone says Avengers or Shield
  • A character drinks
  • One-liner during a fight scene


If you are watching Avengers: Infinity War finish your drink when a character Snaps their fingers. Pour one out for those we lost.

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