Page Turner: Will Save the Galaxy for Food

I finally got my hands on Will Save the Galaxy for Food a few months back, It was surprisingly difficult to get it but I finally found a copy in Forbidden Planet. I am so glad I managed to get it, as this book is brilliant!

Will Save the Galaxy for Food by Yahtzee Croshaw follows a struggling Star Pilot after his latest tour ends badly he is approached with a rather shady and unusual offer to pretend to be renowned or hated (depending on who you ask) Pilot and Writer Jacques McKeown but takes her up on the deal which spirals into a fight for survival in the infinite black.

willI wasn’t quite sure what to expect as I started reading. All I knew for certain was that it was a comedic Scifi story and judging by the last of Croshaw’s books I read, it was going to be witty and have a few twists.

Right off the bat, I have to say that Will Save the Galaxy for Food is right up my alley in terms of its comedy. On top of that, it even has a new swearing vocabulary that I have considered using myself where swearing isn’t an option.

While the comedy is top notch this is not a light-hearted book. The threats to the lead are very real and one wrong step could mean certain death. It was rather tense reading those segments.

I love the world that Croshaw created for this story. It is really creative and weirdly both new and familiar if you read a lot of SciFi like myself.

Normally I would discuss the main characters but in this case, I have decided not to as there are several spoilers tied to them that happened early on. Because of that, it’s hard to describe the cast without spoiling the first big event and I refuse to ruin that for anyone.

{C6F99746-97CB-499F-B948-C0B8D4A66B8D}Img400I can’t help but compare Will Save the Galaxy for Food to said former book, Jam. It was the first of his books I read shortly after being introduced to his Zero Punctuation show. He wrote it after getting sick of all the Zombie Apocolypse stories so he wrote his own about flesh-eating Jam that floods Austraila.

No, really.

I will admit that I do prefer Jam over Will Save the Galaxy for Food, but not by much. Maybe it’s due to rose-tinted glasses as on paper Will Save the Galaxy for Food ticks more boxes than Jam does.

Before anyone asks, no I have not read Mogworld. I’ve been meaning too but once again I am struggling to get a copy.

Tangent over, sorry about that. Now, do you see why I called this site Nerd Rambles?

In conclusion, I loved Will Save the Galaxy for Food and if you are a fellow SciFi fan like me I highly recommend it. With great comedy, real danger and a lot of personality it is one hell of a ride.

If you have any recommendations for other SciFi stories please let me know!

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