Hopes and Fears: The Predator

Ever since their debut way back in 1987, the Predator and his clan have become iconic not just in the world of SciFi but in Hollywood and pop culture. However, they have been absent from the silver screen for ten years.

That is about to change in six days.

MV5BMjM5MDk2NDIxMF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNjU5NDk3NTM@._V1_So, while we prepare for a fight for survival I want to discuss my hopes and fears for their return.

First, let’s start with my hopes. My biggest hope is that The Predator keeps true to the Predators we know and love/ fear. You know what I’m talking about when they try to add in ‘good’ Predators?

Yeah, that’s just silly. Apparently, the original script had two friendly Predators who wanted to help the humans by using tanks. I’m glad they scrapped that. I didn’t believe it at first but after some digging, I found the leaked photos. that was going to be in the film but they have removed them. Thank goodness.

Honestly, outside of the obvious ‘I hope the film will be good’ that is my only hope. Maybe I’m just a bit cynical at the time of writing but let’s move onto my two fears.

boyd holbrook predatorMy biggest fear is that they have a decent but bland cast. So far we don’t know a lot about the human characters and while that is a good thing, I can’t help but worry that they will just be basic characters who show up and get killed.

I understand that normally in monster movies the focus is, rightfully so, on the monster so the heroes tend to be rather forgettable. It is the nature of the beast but I hope they at least have one or two memorable characters, not just memorable deaths.

I also can’t help but fear that they are going to rely on CGI way too much. Yeah, I know it’s lame to complain about lazy CGI these days but films like this would benefit from more practical effects. We have the tech to make some amazing practical effects, so why don’t we use it? This is a bit of a pet peeve for me, so forgive the mini rant.

While I am cynical I am looking forward to The Predator. Chances are I’ll go see it when it arrives on the 12th.



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  1. I believe that Shane Black said the movie will feature a mix of CG and practical effects. I’m hoping it leans more towards practical myself. Still, i’m keepin my fingers crossed on this one. The trailers have been good IMO, so I have hope.

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