Steam Powered: My Time At Portia

Once again a dear friend gave me an awesome game recommendation. Thanks, Shiloh!

My Time At Portia is an Early Access game available on Steam created by Pathea Games.

my-time-at-portiaFollowing in your Pa’s footsteps, you move to the small but lively town of Portia to rebuild his former Workshop and create a new life for yourself. As the new builder in town, you get to work building for locals and exploring your new home.

As you progress through the game you upgrade your tools and your reputation in Portia. You collect resources by either scavaging around the town, buying them or by entering the mines. Or if you need a break you can chat with the locals to learn more about the local lore, maybe even love.

This has to be one of the most chill games I have played in a while, and that is part of the reason why I love it. If you crossed Stardew Valley with Animal Crossing I am pretty sure you would get My Time At Portia.

The art style is seriously cute, it has an almost timeless feel to it. It makes sense that a game about building and being inventive would have such a creative feel to it. It is so easy to start playing and getting sucked into such a calm atmosphere.

At the risk of sounding cheesy, My life is very chaotic at the moment so having a game like My Time At Portia is rather helpful.

5a67feea5bafe35e1065da32This is only the second Early Access game I have played, the first one was horrific and I still regret buying it. However, while this game may have a slight bug or glitch here and there, at the time of writing I have only encountered two and even then it was resolved in seconds, there is so much content already available.

Shiloh has already clocked 59 hours in My Time At Portia and still hasn’t run out of things to do. Honestly, I am impressed by the quantity they offer this early on. Not to mention they are still adding more content to the game.

Great job, Pathea Games keep it up!

If this sounds like your kind of game, I have great news. At the time of writing is on sale for 20% off for £12.79 until Friday, so grab it while you can! If PC gaming isn’t your thing don’t worry as My Time At Portia is making its way onto the Switch and PS4 later on in the year.

I hope you enjoy your time in Portia!



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