Fun in the Overwatch Sun

Finally! The Overwatch Summer Games are here!

I have to admit I haven’t played in a while. There are three main reasons, one I haven’t had much time to myself, two when I do I’m either reading or playing something else like Far Cry 5 and three, frankly, I have kinda lost interest in Overwatch.

roadhogI still enjoy the game well enough but these days I tend to only play when the events are on. For the most part, the game has more players during events as well as more content.

Waveracer D.Va is still my favourite skin, but unfortunately, at the time of writing, I am yet to unlock it. I have to the 30th to do so, wish me luck!

Outside of Waveracer, the others that caught my eye are Lacrosse Roadhog and Cabana Ana.

I can’t believe it. There is no beachball for Hammond. Shame on you, Blizzard, shame. Maybe they are going to do that next year, but I am still a tad salty. What a waste of an opportunity!

Orisa’s football highlight intro is adorable! Then again I find everything about Orisa to be adorable so that isn’t saying much. Moria’s intro is not too shabby either. I am surprised that there was only one emote though. That being said its a cute one, Mei and Snowball playing ping pong!

Lucioball is hands down my favourite arcade game. I am crushing it so far! I prefer regular Lucioball but the competitive mode is great when you feel like a challenge. I like the new location of South Korea’s Busan Stadium.

As I said earlier, I haven’t played Overwatch in a while so I haven’t seen the new Commendation system before. I like it, it’s cute and a great way to show appreciation for your teammates.

  • AnaSportsmanship Endorsements– Awarded to those who have good manners and are a positive influence during matches.
  • Good Teammate – Awarded to players who are highly-effective, skilled teammates.
  • Shot Caller – Awarded to those who draft and lead strategies in the battlefield.

You can even commend your enemies, but you can only award them Sportsmanship Endorsements.

So far, so good. This event is really fun and I am having a blast. Once again if you are playing on PS4 and you see a terrible player named Scienceblue, that’s me. Sorry in advance.


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