Warm-up time

Only four days to go before the 2018 Overwatch Summer Games kick off!

This is my second favourite Event Overwatch has, second only to Halloween. Then again Halloween is hard to beat in my books, as it is my favourite time of year and my favourite holiday.

I’m already getting sidetracked, that’s how you know its a Nerd Rambles article I suppose. Sorry!

22b220718551feb546cb479ba57b4ad315148dfbr1-640-627v2_hqWell, what does this year’s Summer Games have to offer?

After ages of bitter complaining, D.Va has a new skin!

Thank you, Blizzard!

The Waveracer D.Va is so cute! I love everything about it from her hairstyle to the gun charm. I want it now!

At the time of writing, the only other skin we have been shown is Reinhardt’s American Football skin. I personally like it, I’m looking forward to seeing the other skins on offer.

If Wrecking Ball doesn’t get a beach ball skin I will be so disappointed.

Lucioball is back again. Of all the Event game modes Lucioball is my top pick. I am a bit jealous that they are running a competition for college students across North America.

According to the Tespa website “The tournament will take place on August 11th, beginning at 11am PDT. The competition will consist of a 1-day five round swiss bracket where schools will play one match every 30 minutes. Schools with a positive win/loss record (3-2 or higher) will advance to the Double Elimination Playoffs seeded by their performance in the Swiss stage.”

Lucioball_gol.gifThe winning team will get $100 Blizzard Battle.net Balance each.

I wish I could take part but I’m content playing regular ol’ Lucioball.

The games begin on the 9th and will wrap up on the 30th, If you play on PS4 keep an eye out for a kinda crummy player with the username Scienceblue, that’s me.

If I’m in your team, sorry in advance!

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