Incredibles 2 Review

The_Incredibles_2Man, I have waited so long for this film.

While writing this review I wondered how old I was when The Incredibles came out, so I crunched the numbers. I was eight years old. I’m starting to feel my age just thinking about it.

My existential crisis aside, We have waited years for the continuation of the Parr family’s story. In fact, when I went to see it yesterday there was not a single kid in the cinema, it was 20 somethings and up!

Incredibles 2 picks up minutes after the first one ended with the Parr family facing off with the Underminer. After the fight, Elastigirl, Mr Incredible and Frozone are approached by Winston and Evelyn Deavor who want to help superheroes become legal again.

Elastigirl is given the chance to spearhead this campaign, leaving her husband to look after their speedster son Dash, Teen daughter Violet and baby Jack-Jack. While she fights crime, he is faced with the hardest mission yet, single parenting.

Since this is a sequel the main players are already established characters and I was a bit worried that they were not going to get development in favour of giving new characters extra screentime.

tumblr_ozmvsbyojX1r9dm6no2_540I am glad to report that this is not the case. While the new characters get enough time to fully flesh them out, or at least as much as they needed for their role, we see the Parr family learn and grow.

Needless to say with this being a Pixar movie, the animation is amazing.

What impressed me the most were the action scenes. Since there are more heroes there were more powers to play with and the animation team did not hold back. I thought that since this is a family film they would be limited in what they could show but I almost forgot how creative Pixar is. Good work!

Going in I heard that the plot twist was fairly obvious from the get-go but if I am going to be honest here, I thought I saw it coming but I was partly wrong so I was pleasantly surprised. Also, it didn’t take the route I suspected either. It was well written and a rather strong story too.

tumblr_p8v8kzOn8T1w7d305o2_400.gifFollowing its predecessor, Incredibles 2 has a lot of heart and some great comedic scenes. Sometimes the jokes in family films can be, well, childish. I wonder why. With that being said that wasn’t the case here. As I mentioned earlier when I saw it everyone was 20ish and the cinema was filled with laughs.

For a family film they talk a lot about death, like a lot. Though considering the events of the first film it isn’t that surprising.

Overall, I really enjoyed Incredibles 2, I mean I would have liked more Edna but I’m satisfied with what I got. If you liked the first one you are going to love it. There are already talks about a third film and I won’t lie, I really want it.

I just hope we don’t have to wait another 14 years for the next instalment.

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