Level 22


wV1eWS7Somehow I have made it to Level 22 in this game we call life.

Too bad this game sucks. Yeah, I know the graphics are incredible but there are no save points or even a main story.

Jokes aside, A lot has happened in my playthrough, ok I’ll kill the joke here, and I feel that for better or for worse these experiences have shaped me into who I am.

Take this blog, for instance, this will sound sappy but it is my pride and joy. That being said I will be the first to admit that my earlier work, well if I am being honest here, sucks.

The way it’s written is bad, the layout and even how I use images suck. Some of these early rambles are a block of text with maybe one pic in the middle. Yeah, that is really bad.

My newer content is so much better, at least I like to think so. That being said this is still a work in progress. My content is improving with each and every ramble I post and I am continuing to learn and grow.

tumblr_mw0qizYt371rc93aro1_250Writing is my passion, whether it’s in the form of a short story, a poem or a blog post it is all the same to me. As a kid, I used to write little stories and dreamed of being an author. I guess this is as close to being a successful authour as I can be.

Maybe good old Nerd Rambles will take off in the future, I kinda doubt it but it is fun to think about nonetheless.

On that note, I want to thank everyone who has helped me on this journey both inside and outside of this blog.

My friends who I pestered to proofread my posts, those who have given up a bit of their time to answer some questions such as the witty Kacper Kwiatkowski and most recently the one and only Arkada.

Most of all I want to thank everyone who has read this little blog of mine. Whether it was just one ramble or if you, yes you, are a frequent reader or follow my blog. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your support! I hope my rambles will continue to entertain you!

Thank you very much!.gif


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