PlainPettyGossamerwingedbutterflyI hope everyone’s wallets are doing alright after this year’s Steam Summer Sale. I only spent £6.52 on two games. A personal best!

That is the happiest part of this ramble over.

You see, for the past couple of days and for the next week and a half I am staying away from home. Meaning I am apart from my beloved PC and PS4.

In short, I am cut off from gaming. I’m unplugged.

Well, not completely, I have my 3DS with me and my laptop. That being said my laptop is around six years old, crashes almost every 15 minutes and can barely run any game that is more complex than Pong. I wish I was joking. On top of that, I barely have time to play on my 3DS. Joy.

It doesn’t help that this month’s PS Plus games are now available. Kinda adds insult to injury. This might be the longest time I have spent apart from my consoles and I am already suffering major withdrawal.

The most notable symptom is my aggression. See, I normally take my anger out in a quick match of Overwatch or two, but that isn’t an option now. Without that outlet, I am more irritable than usual. That and sunny weather makes me crabby too so this is the perfect storm.

wzxgFP4The game I’m missing the most is without a doubt FF14. I miss playing with friends and exploring the vast world of Eorzea. I am starting to count the days to get back home so I can fire up my PS4 and return to that wondrous world.

Heck, I’m even starting to miss being mocked over voice chat by senior members of my Free Company for my idiotic mistakes in dungeons.

I feel like I’m started to fall out of the loop. I’m doing what I can to try to keep up but since I hardly have time to myself it is harder than it should be.

I knew I spend a fair amount of time gaming but I didn’t realise just how hooked I was until I got cut off. I know how this must sound but I am desperate to get home mostly to get reconnected. Well, that and I’m homesick too.

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