Pale nerd Vs The Sun


giphy (4)I would like to take a moment to say that this article is dedicated to my dear friend Eilidh.

I know its tomorrow but I wanted to say Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day! Also, sorry for having you associated with perhaps the dumbest article I have written, forgive me!

Onto the rant.

I was going to talk about something different, but I needed to get this off my chest.

For those of you who don’t live in the UK, let me fill you in quickly. We are in the midst of a heatwave. It has been so bad that there have been official Health warnings.

Scotland is somewhat known to be a dark and cold place, so why is it scorching?

I am barely alive at this point.

You see, my job is a three-mile walk away from my home and I am too cheap to get a bus. Well, that and I hate buses in general. So, I walk to work. Normally this isn’t too bad, listening to a podcast or two can make it kinda relaxing.

origHowever, the downside is my uniform is jet black. In this heat which is already unbearable for me, I have to walk three miles in black. On top of that, the walk home is worse as I have spent most of the day on my feet running around in a roasting shop. Yeah, not fun.

Even when I finally get home, tie my hair up and grab some comfy clothes I can’t relax. It’s gotten to the point that it has affected how I play games. I need both windows open but that makes it hard to see the screen. If I don’t my room becomes a sauna.

On top of that, it is way too hot for me to sleep. I barely sleep as is and for the past few days I have only gotten about four hours sleep a night. Needless to say, that doesn’t help matters.

The sun has always been my enemy, last year I got sunburnt twice in two weeks. It’s not like I am not careful, I am. I use sunscreen and keep myself in the shade as much as I can, yet I still burn.

Part of it is due to the fact I am paler than a ghost, but I think maybe because I lock myself indoors as often as possible might have had a negative impact in this department.

Tamaki-Shou-ouran-high-school-host-club-33131687-400-303The idea of lying on the beach sounds decent enough but I get bored quickly. Unless I have a book I get antsy. I don’t get how some people sleep on the beach either, not only is it is way too hot but it can also be nosy. The upside is I love to swim in the sea but that washes off my sunscreen, causing me to burn. Oh, joy.

To top it all off, I have rather bad Hay-fever. Yeah, I’m not doing too hot at the moment.

I know I said this in my last ramble, but pray for me, lads!


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