Page Turner: Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody

483374029It has been a decent while since the last time I have written a Page Turner ramble, but that is because most of the books I have been reading lately are either true crime books or Agatha Christie.

But just a few days ago I finished the first volume of Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody by Hiro Ainana, I’m already onto the second.

Before I go on, yes I know about the anime adaptation, no I have not seen it yet. I plan to check it out after I finish the second volume.

Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody follows Game Programmer Ichirou Suzuki, also known as Satou, as he finds himself in a new world that is eerily like the world in his latest game after pulling a caffeine-fueled all-nighter.

Been there, done that. Not recommended, but moving on.

From his first encounter, he becomes ridiculously OP and manages to save a young knight, Zena. With the help of his new friend and the people he meets he tries to learn more about this new world.

Satou is a likeable protagonist and a well-written one at that. While I am not a programmer sometimes for this blog I have pulled all-nighters not to mention my student days were I lived off Monster Energy Ultra.

Don’t judge, I don’t drink that stuff as much anymore.

I’ve moved onto Red Bull.

Satou is a rather intelligent guy, planning and plotting the best course of action on the fly and he is compassionate too, especially in regards to three characters he takes under his wing, no spoilers but I found the dynamic they had to be super cute.

855467278Like another series I like, Log Horizon how the world operates is well explained and personally, I found it rather creative. Unlike Log Horizon Satou seems to be the only one in his position. Well, there is a hint at the end that he might not be but again no spoilers.

There were two elements that I found a bit unusual at first but as I continued to read I grew to like them, or at least what they did.

Firstly, Satou in his world is 29 but in this world, he looks 15. I was confused at first and a tad unnerved when 17-year-old Zena started showing romantic interest in him. However, he brushes it off and while he cares for her, to him his feelings are platonic.

Then there are the slaves. Yeah. There is a lot of the novel dedicated to how the slavery system and hierarchy work, as well as time, spend with enslaved characters. Not what I was expecting from this novel, let me tell you.

That being said, it does lead to good worldbuilding and character development so I don’t mind too much.

The story itself is straightforward and enjoyable. It’s a rather nice easy read with good characters, concepts and worldbuilding. I recommend it to anyone but particularly gamers as there are several references and plot points that tie into gaming and programming.

I hope the second volume is just as good. Time to find out!


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  1. I quite enjoyed the first volume of this series. Admittedly, by volume 3 I was kind of done because there didn’t seem to be much direction with the story and the anime was quite the disappointment, but I had quite a bit of fun with this first book and found it all quite interesting.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it.

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