E3 Drinking Game 2018

Before pressing start, please keep in mind to drink responsibly, ok? Good.

Level One: The staples

Take a shot when;

  • Technical difficulties, bonus rules are to take an extra shot for ever minute they fail to fix it and finish your drink if they can’t fix it and just move along
  • You cringe
  • The camera cuts to the crowd, bonus shot for every cosplayer you spot
  • Audience is way too excited
  • The trailer is shown, take another if they have already shown it or they reuse footage
  • Speaker praises technology/ internet

Level Two: Descriptions

Take a shot when the following words are used;
  • Immersive
  • Multiplayer only
  • Community/ fans
  • Anticipated
  • Excited
  • Proud

Leon-Drinks-again-resident-evil-32335870-488-275Level Three: Called it

Take a shot when;

  • A game’s release is delayed
  • Sequal is announced, take an extra shot if it’s a prequel

If you were proven right about your theory for Fallout 76, drink everything alcoholic you have in celebration, if not, drink up to numb the pain.


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