Is E3 irrelivant?

E3-logoNow that E3 is on the horizon every gaming related website is posting nothing but the scraps of info we know in the run-up to the event and spreading rumours about possible announcements.

However, maybe its because I am in a bit of a low point in my life or something but I can’t bring myself to care about anything E3 related. In previous years I read every article and researched into every speculation. I was so hyped I couldn’t wait for it.

Last year I was so excited I even made a drinking game for the expo, on that note I promise to make a 2018 edition, but this year I’m already over it.

I started to think to myself, is E3 even such a big deal anymore?

I’m not just talking about all the leaks that overflow before the big day (though those don’t exactly help matters) but now that most companies promote their own games on their social media platforms and sometimes at their own events ie Blizzcon, is E3 even needed?

As my mind fell down this rabbit hole, I realised the reason I enjoyed the previous E3s wasn’t because of the new trailers or upcoming games, that helped but it wasn’t the main factor. But rather the community aspect.

I liked it when things went wrong, when the cringe levels were through the roof and better still seeing people getting excited about gaming.

6d8bbf10c186422da4d623eadb0426d520170829162204.gifThe highlight of the 2017 E3 for me was the heartwarming moment when the Creative Director/Developer at Ubisoft Davide Soliani cried as Shigeru Miyamoto talked about the unpublished Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle game.

On top of that, the crowd cheered for him, it was such a sweet moment.

The passion he had for the game was clear to everyone in the room and those watching online. While the game became a success at the time some people voiced their negative opinions, shocker, but no one could deny that this game was made out of a place of respect and mutual understanding.

That is what E3 does right.

It isn’t just a time to show off new consoles or upcoming content, it’s a time to celebrate the gaming community.

1455373959540We may joke about the cheesy bits and poke fun at the failures that then get turned into memes that last a while, sometimes being recognised by creators who add tongue in cheek references to them in later games such as the Uncharted 4 Stage Fright achievement.

But the take away is, we all love games, let’s celebrate that and unite in our shared passion by coming together either online or at the event itself at E3.

So in that respect, E3 will always be relevant, if not beloved.

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