Happy Anniversary, Overwatch!

BrigTwo years old already. Aw, they grow up so fast!

Jokes aside, Overwatch has become one of my favourite games. I mean, Team Fortress Two will always be king in my heart, but I still enjoy Overwatch.

It has been interesting to watch it grow and change over the past two years. From buffs and nerfs to new heroes, Overwatch continues to improve over time. I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds for this game.

The best part of the Anniversary has to be the event. So far I am having a blast with it.

As I said in my last ramble, skins from all previous events are now available in Anniversary loot boxes.

Not only does this give players the chance to nab the skins they missed out on, but the free weekend starts tomorrow so that means new players get a chance to get some cool skins right out of the gate.

Something I didn’t know before starting the event was that the main game in arcade mode changes every day. Personally, I am thrilled about this!

While I would like to play Lúcioball nonstop I’m glad I get to play the other event modes. Besides, Summer Games will be here soon enough.

logWhile I suck at Deathmatch, I have to say the Petra Map is pretty cool. I like the layout not to mention my soft spot for ruins. Oh, not to mention the hidden lore that has been discovered by keen-eyed players.

These data logs contain messages sent between three researchers and connect some of the maps together. Some suspect that one of the free researchers might be either the next hero or connected to the next hero.

I was in the minority that didn’t see Brigitte coming, so don’t ask me if I know anything about the next hero.

I just hope the next hero is Scottish. That is all I want, a Scottish hero and more content for D.Va. Is that too much to ask?

Sorry, I am a bitter person. Moving on.

If you haven’t started the event yet, you have until the 11th of June to celebrate the Anniversary.

Happy Anniversary, Overwatch!

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