Hopes and Fears: Deadpool 2

UntitledDeadpoolSequel2018Two days to go!

I am not alone in my love for the first Deadpool movie, nor am I the only one hyped as hell for the sequel.

Normally when it comes to films the less I see in trailers and promo the better, that is not the case with Deadpool 2 if anything I get more and more desperate to see this film.

That being said, I do have some hopes and fears about Wade’s second film so allow me to rant for a bit, thanks!

Let’s start off with my first hope, the cast. Most of the cast from the first film are returning to my delight, and on top of that, we now have Domino and Cable being brought to life for the first time too! From what I have seen the cast overall looks promising, so I simply hope they live up to their potential.

Also, as a bit of a side note, my favourite character in the first film, not including Deadpool, was Colossus. I’m glad he is back, I would have been miffed if he wasn’t.

rLIIGGCdj6EGxZKY8aqIYBfsib6I’m also hoping for some more top-notch comedy. Once again the marketing team behind Deadpool have been at it again, making the best trailers and promos ever. They really do deliver an award. Still, this hope is a bit redundant, I know but I wanted to voice it anyway.

Perhaps a better way to phrase it is I hope they elevate the comedy from the first one. Deadpool had me in stitches, so fingers crossed they step their game up.

Right, now on to the fears.

Once again, while I have made myself quite comfortable on the hype train, a part of me still fears about the potential of this film being overhyped and Deadpool 2 paying the price for that.

It sucks when that happens as it can ruin the experience for some moviegoers.

Another fear for me is that the action scenes take over the film. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good fight scene as much as the next guy, but I do want some character development.

deadpool-2I know that might sound a bit pretentious but the first film did give us laughs but also great character interactions and development and I don’t want them to forgo that just for more action.

This last fear may seem a bit pointless but nonetheless, I am going to voice it. I worry about the future of the Deadpool movies. At the time of writing 21st Century Fox is in the process of selling assets to Disney, which includes Deadpool.

Call me sceptical but I doubt the mouse will let the merc get away with half the stuff he’s doing. Recently Comcast has thrown their hat into the ring as well.

I would talk more about it, as I am nervous about what these deals will mean for not only Deadpool but X-Men too, but I think that above my skill level. After all, I am just a nerd with a blog.

Still, whatever the future holds, I can’t wait to see Deadpool 2! If it is half as good as the first, I would be alright with that. Don’t let me down, Wade!


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