Ready Player One Review

Ready-Player-One-2018-movie-posterIf I had to describe Ready Player One in just four words, it would be Where’s Wally Nerd Edition.

Jokes aside, I head some rather negative things about this film before I went to see it, and while I can’t honestly say this is a masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination I had a great time with this movie.

The story follows Wade Watts who escapes his bland existence in the slums of 2045’s Columbus, Ohio by spending as much time as he can in the virtual world of the OASIS.

A few years beforehand the creator of the OASIS, James Halliday, died and left a hidden easter egg in the virtual world, first one to get the egg gets control of the OASIS.

Wade as his online avatar Parzival teams up with his friends to get to the egg before Innovative Online Industries, a corrupt business, can as to save it from their greedy clutches.

I’ll be blunt, the characters are rather simple. The good guys are likeable and the bad guys are unredeemable. Don’t go into this film looking for a deep story with complex characters.

ReadyPlayerOne-FullDon’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. I went into Ready Player One hoping for a good time and that is exactly what I got. If anything, the straightforward story lets you enjoy the fun world it creates. If they tried to make the characters more complex and the story more nuanced the film could have become a bore. Thankfully that isn’t the case.

Ready Player One knows exactly who its target audience is. Gamers and lovers of all things 80s. If that isn’t you, then this isn’t your film. I’m not trying to be a Gatekeeper, but since the film relies heavily on references as a source of comedy you might miss out.

Mild spoiler, but there is a scene where the villain joins the fray in a Mecha Godzilla and one of the Japanese characters fights him in a Gundam. I lost it. I was laughing so hard I could feel my face heating up.

I couldn’t take it seriously and even now I’m not sure if I was supposed to. I went with two friends, one was laughing at me, the other was giving me confused looks.

Ready+Player+One+Zurück+in+die+ZukunftThe animation is rather impressive, it somehow creates its own style while including seemingly countless different famous characters in their original styles and somehow pulled it off.

On top of that, you truly believe in the limitless potential of the OASIS and understand why people would risk it all to save it.

I was planning on reading the original book before going to see the film but I heard nothing but bad criticism about it so decided not to. From what I understand the story was changed quite a bit and the consensus I’ve seen seems to agree that it was for the best.

Regardless, I really liked Ready Player One. It certainly didn’t hurt to go with two fellow gamers as we all got a kick from seeing shout outs to some of our favourite games. In fact, when the film ended we all agreed that we need to play more co-op games together.

If you are looking for a fun film to go see with a lot of heart and some good laughs, press start and check out Ready Player One.

See you in the OASIS!

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