Mace to the face

DXj5NvCXUAEGyAQAfter what feels like forever, Brigitte is finally here!

I have to say, she has been well worth the wait. The second I took her out for a spin I fell head over heels for her.

Also, good luck trying to grab her before someone else does. As you might have guessed everyone is trying to play as her so you need to be quick if you want a go.

In my humble opinion, Brigitte is the best of both worlds when it comes to tank and support heroes. While classified as a support hero she can do a fair about of damage with her Rocket Flail and Shield Dash if you get the timing right.

My go-to move is to stun an enemy with Shield Dash then finish them off with the Rocket Flail.

In terms of healing, she can either throw a Repair Pack which heals allies and gives a bit of armour to them if they are already full health or you overheal them. Also when she damages an enemy, nearby allies get a bit of health back.

tumblr_p55egfYgIo1tnz2h4o1_500Her Ult, Rally, is an interesting one. For a few seconds, she is faster and any and all teammates get armour which will last until damaged, even after the Rally ends.

Her arrival also comes with alternate skins and a bunch of seriously cute sprays! Just when I thought there was no way she could get any cuter, turns out she is a cat person and has a spray where she is covered in cats!

Jeff Kaplan said that Brigitte was someone who was “very needed.” and I can’t help but agree. She is a blast to play as. If you haven’t tried her out yet, you need to!

Good luck with that though, in almost every match I have joined it has been a race to lock her in.


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