Hopes and Fears: Tomb Raider

tombraiderToday Tomb Raider will hit UK cinemas, and already mixed reviews are coming in.

In case you are wondering, no I haven’t read the reviews, I don’t want spoilers. Also while I am at it I might as well come clean, I haven’t seen the other Tomb Raider films. Just looking at the posters is enough to make me cringe, I can’t bring myself to do it.

So, what is Tomb Raider about?

Short answer, it’s a film adaption of the Tomb Raider video game franchise. The longer answer is that years after the disappearance of her father, Lara Croft ventures out in hopes of finding him and a tomb located on a mythical island off the coast of Japan.

My biggest hope is that it doesn’t suck. I’m not looking for a masterpiece or anything, just let Tomb Raider be a half decent flick and I will be satisfied. Seriously, I don’t think I’m asking for too much here. The bar for video game movies is so low, Tomb Raider only needs to be a mediocre film to beat it.

Tomb-Raider-2018-movie-posterMy other hope that I still hold onto is that if this film is received well enough we will start to get more video game movies and tv shows that are decent, dare I say good. I’m praying that the Netflix The Witcher show will be good. Once Hollywood learns how to do these stories justice I’m sure better content will follow.

My biggest fear for Tomb Raider is that it will fail to represent Lara as the compelling character that she is and reduces her down to a ‘strong independent woman’. There is more to Lara than shooting and fighting, she is intelligent, witty and determined just to name a few attributes.

In conclusion, I am casually hopefull about this film, but I am preparing for the worst. Now I just need to convince a pal or two to come see it with me.

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