New Obsession: Camp Camp

tumblr_ou48m1uHBR1wwmhuzo1_400Like many of my obsessions, I stumbled on Camp Camp while browsing through YouTube one boring afternoon. After watching the first episode I ended up watching both seasons in two days.

The sad thing is that isn’t even my personal best.

Camp Camp follows the misadventures of the campers and councillors of Camp Campbell. Most of the time focusing on the cynical Max, outgoing Nikki, nerdy Neil and the enthusiastic councillor David.

The show also stars two other Camps who get their own time to shine, The Wood Scouts and the Flower Scouts.

While the focus is usually on the trio of campers I mentioned earlier, the rest of the cast have defined and unique personalities that play off each other very well and brings a lot of contrast and comedy through their interactions.

My favourite character is the lovable optimist David. He is genuine and tries his hardest to get the campers to have fun in the camp where he spent many happy years himself. However, while he is well-meaning in his endeavours he can be annoying and dense.

I will admit that I see a bit of myself in him. I try to make people happy but more often then not I end up annoying them. On top of that, I can be very dense at times.

Max_CoffeeMax is a close second, namely because the ten year old’s pessimistic attitude and foul language contrast brilliantly to David’s personality. Max is also the one who gets the most development over the series. He is a bitter boy and I love him for that.

Do not be fooled by the art style and plot, this is not a children’s cartoon. Outside of the cursing, the jokes are very adult. Unlike other adult cartoons, there isn’t a lot of gross-out humour. Most of the jokes take advantage of the camp setting and the personalities of the campers.

Part of the appeal of this show for me is nostalgia. I was a Girl Guide when I was younger and adored camping. So a show that both mocks and celebrates camps is just my cup of tea. Not to mention the characters who make this show worth watching.

At the time of writing, they have confirmed that Season Three is on the way and will be aired this year but there is no official date, making it the perfect time to start watching the show. In addition, all the episodes bar the second season finale are eleven minutes long. I highly recommend you check it out.



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