Top Five South Park Episodes

My second South Park ramble in a row, I refuse to apologize.

Don’t blame me, blame The Fractured But Whole. Not only is that game a blast but has reignited my love for the show. So much so that I started binge watching my favourite seasons.

Speaking of which, I thought I would share my personal Top Five South Park Episodes. Keep in mind that all of this is just my opinion, M’kay? M’kay.

CraigTweek x Craig

This episode reminded me of my weeb phase. Something I tried very hard to forget, Thanks for that!

The title says it all. Tweek and Craig find out that their Asian classmates have been drawing yaoi of them, leading the town to think that they are a gay couple.

Now, this might just be me being a sap, but I thought this episode had a rather sweet message to it and some great laughs.

Also, the fact they asked for and used real fanart was a nice touch.

south-park-s17e02c06-learning-minecraft-4x34 Informative Murder Porn

The children of South Park are getting concerned with their parent’s enjoyment of TV shows about couples killing one another.

It gets worse when a kid’s dad kills his mum.

So they decide to put a parental block on channels that air said shows. How do you create an effective block for parents? According to South Park, use Minecraft knowledge.

962304_originalThe Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers

While playing a fantasy game at Stan’s, his parents ask them to deliver a copy of Lord of the Rings to Butters.

When they leave Randy and Sharon start watching the porno they rented, only to discover they mixed up the movies.

Needless to say, hijinks ensue.

The episode switches to the boys on their “quest” to return the film to the video store and the parents freaking out about the situation.

I feel so sorry for Token in this episode, that kid saw some terrible things.

Child_Abduction_is_Not_Funny2 Child Abduction Is Not Funny

I know people today complain about the sensationalist stories we hear on the news today, but its always been that way as this episode proves.

The parents of South Park get paranoid about the safety of their children following reports of child abduction. Fears become heightened when Tweek nearly gets abducted.

They decide the best course of action is to get Mr Kim to build a wall around the town to keep strangers out. Only for things to get worse with the next news report.

The episode keeps escalating to the point that even the kids are almost impressed by how idiotic their parents are.

Untitled1 Ass Burgers

This is the episode that made me a South Park fan.

Durning the course of Randy and Sharon’s divorce, Stan is understandably upset and is struggling to cope. However, he gets diagnosed with Asberger Syndrome because he had a flu shot earlier in the year.

Cartman gets jealous and sticks burgers in his ass in an attempt to get diagnosed too, but ends up finding out that it makes burgers taste good.

It’s South Park, what do you expect?

I know that some people find this episode offensive. Firstly, welcome to South Park, it’s par for the course. Secondly, like I said this was the episode that made me fall in love with this show.

Why? Because I have Asberger Syndrome myself. I personally found the jokes funny but what pushed me over the edge was this line.

“Of course not! If there was a social development disease, you wouldn’t call it Asperger’s! That’s just, that’s just mean!”

I was crying with laughter and punching the air shouting “They get it!” when I first saw it. That was the day I became a part of the South Park fandom.

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