Confessions of a D.Va Main

previewfile_1145490477.gifWow, a female gamer who Mains D.Va, how original.

Yeah, I know that I’m a walking stereotype but frankly I don’t care. I can’t help the fact that from day one of playing Overwatch I was drawn to D.Va. In fact, she is pretty much the only hero I play as outside of Solider: 76, Hanzo (poorly, might I add) and sometimes Mercy when the team needs a healer. Even then that is when I’m feeling kind, which isn’t very often.

If you have read any of my Overwatch articles then you will already know that am I a D.Va Main, I don’t exactly hide it by any stretch of the imagination. You will also know that I have been complaining about the lack of D.Va content in the recent events and updates.

Thankfully, that is no longer the case as she finally got a Skin! Black Cat has to be my new favourite skin for her. You better believe I already have it, I’ve been saving up gold for ages in preparation of new skins and emotes for my Main.

Gameplay wise, I find her the easiest to play as. Her Ult, if timed correctly, can destroy the enemy team. Plus her passive ability gives you a second chance to either finish off your opponent or run away. While ammo isn’t really an issue in Overwatch, I am always scared that the second I reload is when someone is going to ambush me. D.Va doesn’t have that issue.

D_64b330_6088642On top of that, I like her as a character. I like her snappy remarks she makes to the other characters and her emotes are too cute!

I have tried to play as other heroes outside of the trio I mentioned earlier and I am decent as some of them like Mei, Reinhardt and Bastion. Yet I can’t bring myself to play more than three games in a row as anyone but D.Va.

I know this will sound greedy since she just got a skin but I am praying that she gets some cute content in this year’s Lunar New Year event, which still hasn’t happened yet.

Also, I am still bitter that D.Va still hasn’t had an animated short or a notable role in the comics yet. What the hell, Blizzard?

Complaints aside, D.Va is not only my Main but the main reason I play Overwatch in the first place. I always have a blast when I play as her, even when I lose I’m not disheartened too much.

However, If I was forced to play as someone else became my team already had a D.Va and on top of that they sucked, I’m going to be saltier than the sea for a while.

That’s all I have to confess this time. See you on the battlefield, Heroes. Game on!

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