Overwatch 2018: What Do We Know?

77158f5c30a1fb4d3c3e6d4e9c5e1462cb23f9dc_hqJeff, just tell us what is going on already!

In his latest update video, he said that he was just “touching the tip of the iceberg” which was a bit of an understatement if you ask me.

Well, I don’t need to know every detail about the upcoming events, but I do need to know if D.Va is finally getting something! She hasn’t gotten anything noteworthy since the Anniversary event and as a D.Va main, I am losing my patience with Jeff and his team.

Thankfully, one of the events that gave her some nice stuff was last years Lunar New Year event, so I am hoping she gets something new this time around.

Sorry for going off on a tangent, the lack of D.Va content is a sensitive subject for me. Let’s about what Overwatch has in store for us this year.

As you probably already know, you can now use Overwatch League skins. If you logged before yesterday you would have received a free one, if you missed out or want another, that will be $4.99 a piece. You need to pay in League Tokens which you can only get by paying for them.

tumblr_oki69v2Aao1ufdtcro1_r1_500Next up, Lunar New Year. The skins you missed out on will be back at a reduced price like other events prior. He said in the update video that the team has made “significant changes players will be happy with” and that they listened to feedback. Hopefully, the feedback was to give D.Va the skins she deserves!

Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

While most of the update video was vague, what we know for sure is that there is going to be an Uprising 2.0. We are going to get another event tied to the lore of the Overwatch world. Jeff talked about wanting to give folks who missed out last year a chance to experience it but didn’t want to just repeat it.  I’m curious to see what they will come-up with.

They are also going to start putting new skins in the base loot boxes. Needless to say, he didn’t say exactly when this will be implemented into the game, he says it should happen sometime this month. I for one think it can’t come soon enough. I am sick of getting voice lines for heroes I don’t even use.

And finally, a new challenger approaches. Currently known as hero 27, this character is due to be released sometime this year. I am hoping it’s a fellow Scot, but considering the lack of Scottish characters outside of Demoman from TF2, I’m not holding my breath.

All in all seems like we have some interesting content on the way. Look sharp heroes, and good luck in your placement matches this year!



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