New Obession: Pyre

PyreHeader-700x967What do you get when you combine a sports game with an RPG? Apparently, Pyre.

Developed by Supergiant Games, Pyre is a game unlike any I have played before. Exiled from the Commonwealth, you are found by a group of travellers who need someone with the ability to read, like you.

Together, you must defeat your opponents in an ancient ritual knows as Rites to regain your stolen freedom. In doing so, you travel around the Downside meeting friends and foes alike.

Sounds like an RPG alright, but where does the sports element fit in. Well, remember the Rites? To put it simply, imagine three versus three basketball. But instead of hoops, you must throw the orb into the enemies Pyre. Oh, and you need to throw yourself into the flames as well, taking that character out of the game until the next person dives into the fire.

There are a tone of different strategies to learn, but my favourite is to use the Cur Rukey to sprint past my opponents and dive in as quickly as possible. Thing is, you can’t spam techniques which means you need to learn how to use each character.

Speaking of characters, outside of the intense gameplay, one of the reasons I fell hard for Pyre is the cast of characters you meet throughout your journey.

previewfile_1184101881I am a self-confessed sap but it is hard not to get attached to the Nightwings. During the course of the game, you get to chat with them and learn more about your companions and the lore of the world.  The more time you spend with them, the more invested you become in their fight for freedom.

Everyone who has played this game goes on and on about the art and the music, so much so it even put me off playing the game for a while. Having played Pyre, let me tell you that they are not overhyping it. I dare say this is the most beautiful game I have played in a while. From the character designs to the backgrounds, everything in this game is incredibly detailed.

Do not get me started on the music, this ramble will turn into a full-blown rant as I go on and on about the gorgeous soundtrack. Let’s just say its amazing and there is a good reason that you can buy the soundtrack.

At the time of writing, I have not finished this game, so for all I know the game might take a sudden drop in later parts but from what I have played so far, Pyre is one hell of a game. Just like how I couldn’t give the best indie of 2017 to Night in the Woods because I hadn’t completed it, I don’t think I can recommend this game.

However, I love it. I adore the characters, lose myself in the music and lose my mind during the trials and Rites. I think its safe to say Prye has burned its way into my heart.


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