Hopes and Fears: 2018

tumblr_n0egavYD4T1trlkhuo1_250.gifI hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with festive cheer and tasty eats. I know I did, maybe I ate a bit too much but that is par for the course with Christmas.

Let’s be honest here, 2017 has been one hell of a year. Remember when we thought 2016 was a bad year? What innocent fools we were.

While there were plenty of good things that came out of this year, which I will talk about in Sunday’s Ramble, let’s take a minute and talk about our hopes and fears for the upcoming year.

Starting off on the right foot, I hope for next years line of games to be a good as this years. Say what you will about the rest of the year, but at least we got some fantastic games. I would go so far as to say this was an amazing year for gaming. Please, 2018 keep the momentum going!

I hope that Marvel’s 2018 movie lineups don’t let us down. Also, I hope DC picks up the slack. Wonder Woman was amazing and proved that DC can make great films but I feel like they haven’t found their stride yet. Maybe they will soon, who knows.

Picardfacepalm.gifOn to my two main fears. Firstly I fear toxic fandoms might get worse. You know the ones I’m talking about. The ones who torment members of their own fandom because they drew fanart of all things, doxxing those they hate and even trying to blackmail companies to make their ship cannon (Yeah, that really happened). Cut it out, you are ruining the fun for everyone else.

I fear for the internet. Net Neutrality in America is on death’s door and now it looks like Canada might lose it. I worry that here in the UK our ISP will try to kill it too. On that note, I fear for free speech.

I believe that we should all hope for the best, yet prepare for the worst.


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