Happy Campers

23898015_792132417635663_2041754428_nAnimal Crossing: Pocket Camp has only been available for a few days and I am already addicted.

Based on the popular Nintendo franchise, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp puts you in charge of a campground filled with familiar friendly faces. You run errands for your fellow campers to level up and grow your campsite.

I guess you can rename it to fetch quest: the app. Normally I hate fetch quests more than the next guy, but this is a colourful exception to the rule.

Not only can you customise your character and your campsite, but also the interior and exterior of your camper van. Instead of taking out loans from Nook to expand your house, you can expand your van. You can even get two floors!

Oh, and while you can unlock Nook as a guest, he is not the man you owe cash too. Instead its Giovanni, Beppe and Carlo of OK Motors. The Nooklings are the ones who run the shop.

I don’t know how I feel about that.

As you level up, you unlock more furniture and more campers. I am currently level 11, and I don’t know if that is something to be proud of or not.

23845264_792132410968997_1263537274_nMy favourite element of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is how chill it is. It’s a cute distraction with a lot of charm and heart.

I adore the Animal Crossing series to bits. I used to spend hours running around cleaning my town, chatting with locals and redecorating my house twice a week. So having an Animal Crossing game on my phone is a dream come true.

Oh, feel free to add me! My code is 2512 2657 612.

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  1. I’m level 11 too! (I think? Maybe 12/13? Don’t remember!) and it’s been so enjoyable up until now, the game is just so hard at the moment and crafts are almost impossible to come by without spending real money. Maybe I’m just being bad at the game? I do wish you could expand the campsite though, if anything, its small size is probably my biggest issue. Have you any issues?

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