Confessions of a blogger

9200189aa837cc972d9e0e0224eefa47--story-of-my-life-anime-cosplayI have been meaning to write about this for a while.

I have been writing for this blog for over two years now. On top of posting twice a week, I have never missed a deadline.

I have missed out on a lot of sleep because of late night writing sessions, but in fairness, I barely sleep in the first place.

While I am still a small blogger, I still take pride in the website I have created. I’m proud of how Nerd Rambles evolved over the years.

With all that being said, I am running this by myself. Don’t get me wrong, my friends sometimes help me come up with topics to discuss or even beta read my work before I hit Publish, but for the most part, I’m a one-woman show.

Sometimes it is easy to pick a topic, but some nights I can’t think nor find an interesting subject to write about. That is the worst part of blogging with a schedule. I refuse to miss a single deadline, so I end up pulling an all-nighter until I finish an article to a decent standard.

I knew that if I published my opinions on the internet I would get hate mail. It comes with the territory. However, I thought that because Nerd Rambles is such a small blog I would be alright. I was wrong.

90709f4af413b867c864273c10455705--anime-fairy-levyI have received several horrid and spiteful comments. On top of that WordPress lets you see the email address of those who comment on your blog and all of them, surprise surprise, used fake ones.

These are including but not limited to, and my personal favourite

Oh, and I am fairly certain I know who the last one was from. I have narrowed it down to two suspects. Both of whom have a track record of treating me like trash.

A feature I like about WordPress is that when someone comments you get the choice to approve it or not. I don’t approve these comments as I don’t want them to get the satisfaction of tainting my blog.

That being said, the vast majority of comments I get are lovely and supportive. If you are one of those people, thank you! Your kind words motivate me to make the best content I can.

I can’t say running a blog is all sunshine and rainbows, but this blog is a passion of mine. I will continue to write weekly, no matter how many sleepless nights I must go without.

I know this article is far more emotional and personal than normal, it will be back to regular content next time, I promise.

Thank you for reading.



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