The bookshop that stole my heart

barterbooks7-300x300I think I found the best bookshop in the UK.

Earlier this week I went on a family holiday to Northumberland and had a blast. We went to Alnwick Castle, survived the haunted Chillingham Castle and made a dent in the local fish population.

However, one place, in particular, stole my heart, Barter Books.

Built in a Victorian Railway station, it is one of the biggest secondhand bookshops in the UK.

Not only is it filled with books from every genre it also has a cafe and several woodburning fireplaces. As a side note, the cafe is reasonably priced with yummy cakes.

There is even a cute miniature railway that circles around readers heads with a little train making his way around the books. I like to call it the train of thought.

There are also awe-inspiring murals painted on the wall. One depicting forty of the worlds most beloved and influential writers, another with the names of everyone who worked at the station in its former life from 1850 to 1968.

UntitledgBarter Books has loads of soft seats sprinkled around you just sink into as you enjoy a good book in a calming and comfortable environment. The only sounds being murmurs of other bookworms and the fire crackling.

I have not even mentioned the size of the store. I have never been in a bookshop so large they needed to hand out maps before. I’m glad they did though, it makes for a nice memento as well as a handy tool.

You can spend hours wandering around searching for your new favourite book, which is exactly what I did. I would have gladly stayed longer but my mum dragged me out when we hit the third hour.

I am proud of myself, I only bought two books, but I did buy a mug to commemorate my visit.

If you are a fellow bookworm, I cannot recommend this haven enough. Barter Books is hands down the best bookshop I have ever been to. It now holds a special place in my heart.

If I ever come back to Northumberland I will return, this time with a bigger bag.

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