How to plan the perfect Halloween movie marathon

danny-oh-no.gifHalloween, the perfect time to dress up like a crazed killer, play some traumatic games and binge watch horror flix with friends.

So why not throw a horror movie night?

If you are too old to go trick or treating, or not exactly comfortable with the idea of ghost walks or haunted houses this is the perfect way to spend Halloween night.

If you do decide to host a movie night, please consider the following tips and tricks to make sure your night is horrible in the right ways.

20171004_1251571240889800.jpgDress code

This is an optional one, but I think it does help set the mood for the night’s entertainment.

Make the evening a fancy dress get together, or offer a monster makeover at arrival. Trust me, a smidge of fake blood in the right place goes a long way.

At the very least ask everyone to turn up in spooky t-shirts.

Micheal_MyersPick the movies in advance

We have all been there. Your friends have arrived, you log onto Netflix and turn to them and ask “What do you want to watch?” “I dunno, what do you want to watch?”. Next thing you know you hours have past and you are stuck in this discussion.

So, to avoid this back and forth, talk to them beforehand and pick out several movies.

If you are inviting a fair amount of people, hold a poll on Facebook to see which films everyone is into, or interested in checking out.

giphyFood, Glorious food

When it comes to parties of any kind, food and drink are always an essential.

This rule goes double for Halloween.

Stock up on spooky snacks, either make your own or grab some the next time you go shopping. While you are at it, consider making creepy cocktails.

I hope these tips helped!

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