PlayStation Credit Card: What Do We Know?

tumblr_oine798uS81ukholjo1_500Yesterday it was announced on the PlayStation Blog that Sony Rewards and Capital One joined forces to create The PlayStation Credit Card.

Well, what do we know about this card?

According to Kristin Ferrito, once you apply and get approved, you will receive a $50 PlayStation Store code.

The idea is when you buy items with this card, you gain Sony Rewards points. 100 points are $1 in Sony Rewards.




The card can be customised with designs inspired by popular games for free and there is no annual fee.

giphy (4)Here is where the lines get a bit blurred. You see, while at first glance it seems anyone can get their hands on this card, but in order to do you, you need a Sony Rewards account.

This might not seem important, but Sony Rewards is only available in certain countries. I live in the UK and when I tried to access the site I got denied. I tried multiple times but had no success.

From what I saw in the comment sections, Canadian gamers and those who like in Europe are in the same boat as UK ones.

After doing a fair amount of research, it appears that this card is, for lack of a better term, a US exclusive.

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