We Happy Few Is Coming to the PS4

Untitled.pngI am overjoyed to report that We Happy Few will be available on PS4.

I mentioned We Happy Few back in December last year. In that article, I complained about how it was (at the time) going to be released on Xbox One and PC but not on PS4. I was quite upset and hoped that it would get a PS4 release.

At long last, my prayers have been answered.

We Happy Few is an indie survival action/horror game developed and published by Compulsion Games. It takes place in Wellington Wells. A dystopian collapsing English city where many choose to take the mind altering drug known as Joy to keep them content.

You play as one of three characters who are labeled as “Downers” as they reject Joy. While free from the hallucinations and with their free will intact, they are hunted down. You need to find away to escape the city before it is too late.

we-happy-few-releaseWe Happy Few was successfully kick-started back in June 2015 and the game has been available on Early Access on Steam since last July. However, my three-year-old laptop can barely run 8-bit games so I will just have to wait a bit longer before I can finally play it.

As I stated earlier, I was intrigued by We Happy Few when I first stumbled on it a few years ago, so I am glad to see that its development is coming along nicely. I am interested in seeing how the finished product turns out. Compulsion Games, don’t let me down!

We Happy Few is due to be released on the 13th of April, 2018.


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