Confessions of a Procrastinating Nerd

tenorMan, it has been almost a whole month since my last confessional ramble. Time to air some of my worst traits on the internet.

Let’s start by stating the obvious. Procrastination is a nightmare.

We have all been there at one point or another. Whether it’s an essay due tomorrow or housework, we waste the hours we could have used to get the task done and ended up in a mad panic trying to finish everything at the last possible moment.

I have always had a problem with procrastination, but it has gotten worse as the years go by. Now that I have more tools for distractions, I misuse my time more and more.

I have lost count of the times I think to myself “I’ll have one more round then I’ll write my article” or “I have time for one last quest” around eight at night then glance at the clock only to discover that it’s 1 am then I panic and try to write a decent article in just a few hours.

tumblr_nvm05j4Ohv1qfe94wo1_500The bad news is while this technique does work, it takes a toll on your sleep schedule. But in fairness, I rarely sleep these days. Thank you, Monster Energy!

Seriously, energy drinks are the only substance that keeps me going these days. I started drinking the stuff in college and I have been hooked ever since.

Did I say hooked? I mean addicted. No point in beating around the bush, I am addicted to the stuff.

The only way I can get any work done is by turning off my PS4 and trying to focus, but of course, when it comes to writing for this blog, I need to write on my laptop. Nine times out of ten I catch myself watching the latest episode of something on Crunchyroll or Netflix and each time I do I hate myself more and more.

I mean, I guess I should use a schedule and use my time on this earth more effectively, but why should I bother with that nonscene when I can read a good comic or level up?


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