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Overwatch Summer Games 2017

TracerGood news, heroes! Next week the Overwatch Summer Games shall return!

That is not the only thing to return to Overwatch, as the skins from last years event will be available once more. On top of that, they will be 1000 each rather than 3000.

I was over the moon when I found out, as I missed out on last years Summer Games so I finally have the chance to grab the awesome McCree skin!

Speaking of skins, it goes without saying that there will be new ones. Jeff Kaplan even said that the Mercy is going to get his favourite skin of all time. High praise indeed, I’m looking forward to getting my hands on it.

Kaplan also mentioned that there is going to be some “silly stuff”. I am curious to find out what he and the Overwatch team have in store for us.

Lucioball_jumppadLúcioball is back but this time it is competitive. Like in competitive mode you need to play ten placement matches before you get a rank. If you do this, you will earn a special spray and if you are in the top 500 players in your country by the end of the event, you get another spray.

His Ult has been changed from last year’s version. This time around his Ult boosts his speed and jumps and he can boop the ball further. Along with the original Rio map for Lúcioball, there is a new one which is set in Sydney Australia.

I can’t wait for this event. Like I said earlier, I missed out the first time around but thankfully I will be able to play Lúcioball soon!

This event will kick off on the 8th and end on the 28th.



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