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Doctor, Doctor

giphy (7).gifIs it safe to talk about this topic yet?

Like many from the UK, I grew up watching Doctor Who. I stopped watching after the second season of Matt Smith’s run, but I have watched several of the newer episodes.

So, as a female fan of this show, who grew up idolising and wanting to be The Doctor, what is my opinion on the new female Doctor?


To be completely honest, I was never begging for a female Doctor in the first place. For me, as long as the writing was good and the actor brought something new and interesting to the iconic Time Lord I was happy.

Not to mention, everyone has a favourite Doctor. Everyone has their own opinions on what makes a good Doctor and why their favourite is the best.

giphy (11).gifFor example, my favourite is David Tennent. He brought a lot of joy to the role but could deliver dramatic and even heartbreaking performances. Matt Smith never clicked with me the way Tennent did, which was why I stopped watching the show.

Do not get the wrong idea, I am happy that Jodie Whittaker landed the role. I can also understand why a lot of people are ecstatic about our new leading lady. 

However, I don’t think it is fair to put Whittaker on a pedestal for the sole reason that she is female. I also don’t want her to face an uphill struggle to meet the fandoms high expectations for her.

I have seen some pretty nasty complaints (If you can call them that) about the casting, yet I fail to see the problem. It has been hinted in the show for a while that Time Lords can regenerate into the opposite sex, in fact, The Master became The Mistress Aka Missy.

Not to mention that the show has had its fair share of social and political commentary over the past 50 years. Covering topics such as corrupt governments, genocide and racism. Of course, let’s not forget Captain Jack Harkness, who flirted with both males and females.

Really, it was only a matter of time before a female piloted the TARDIS.

Whittaker, I wish you all the best. I am rooting for you!

giphy (8)I will end on this note. If they really wanted to go all the way to please the die hard fans, they should have cast a ginger woman.

I’m just saying!




Growing up, Megan was that one kid at the back of class reading manga. Now, not much has changed except she started a blog. Basically, your typical geek (although she prefers the term Otaku)

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