How to survive the Steam Summer Sale

giphy (4)Brace your bank accounts, the Steam Summer Sale is upon us.

Today at 1 pm the blessing and curse known as the Steam Summer Sale shall start. Every year without fail I buy more games than I should and my wallet never truly forgives me.

I am of course not the only one who falls into this trap, so here are some tips to avoid spending all your money in one go.

Take a breath

Yes, I know how easy it is to freak out when you see those -70, -80 and -90 boxes but the worst thing you can do is pounce impatiently. Keep calm.

Study up

When you do find a game that you like the look of, do a bit of research. Read reviews and see how the game was received when it came out.

Ask for your friend’s opinion on the game, friends don’t let friends spend all their cash on duff games.

Also, see if you can get it cheaper elsewhere. You never know, it could be going for a better price.

Ask yourself the following questions

giphy (5)Is that game still calling your name? Consider the following;

  • Have I wanted this game for a while?
  • Can I afford it right now?
  • Do I have some unplayed games in my library?
  • Do I have more that ten uncompleted games in my library?

The waiting game

Unless it is a game of the day/week, it is always a good idea to wait for a while before buying a game as there is a chance that it will decrease in price near the end of the sale.

Pop the games you are interested in into your wish list, Steam will notify you if there is a change to the price. All you have to do until the price is right.

I hope you found these tidbits useful. I wish you happy hunting in this year’s sale. Good luck!

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