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Cowboy Bebop Live Action Show

Cowboy Bebop - Spike Lighting Up a CigaretteYou heard right, Cowboy Bebop is getting a live-action television series.

Sunrise, the animation studio who created the original cult classic anime series, is teaming up with ITV Studios and television producer Marty Adelstein.

Adelstein has previously worked on Teen Wolf, Aquarius and Prison Break: Resurrection. I have not seen any of these so I don’t have an opinion on the bloke or his work. Also boarding the spaceship Bebop is Christopher Yost, the screenwriter for both Thor: The Dark World and Thor: Ragnarok.

At the time of writing, there is no information available regarding casting and how much influence Sunrise will have in the creative process.

I have been vocal about my disapproval of the recent Ghost In The Shell and Death Note adaptations. If you have read my articles on the topic you might have assumed that I am against this adaptation as well.

0e04e15e5934e5f32c449f3bc955c2bcWell, I’m not jumping up and down and cheering over the news, but I’m not foaming at the mouth and screaming “Oh God, why” in rage either. I’m stuck somewhere in the middle

For me, Cowboy Bebop is a classic, it’s an anime with amazing animation, well developed and loveable characters and a sensational soundtrack. In my opinion, it is simply one of the best anime series out there.

So bringing these characters back into the spotlight isn’t inherently a bad thing. The last adventure staring our favourite bounty hunters was back in 2001. I’m fairly certain that if they announced a spinoff anime series or another anime movie we would be over the moon, but because it’s a live-action remake, many die-hard fans are angry.

Not to mention that a while ago a live-action movie adaptation was being planned with Keanu Reeves set to star as Spike. I for one think a tv show is a better way to bring this story into the third dimension rather than a movie.

jK0QNA8However, I can’t shake the fear that it will fall into the same traps we have seen other live-action adaptations fall into. I have seen some live-action adaptations that I really enjoyed, but never a western one.

Also, we already have a live-action show about misfits in space. It’s called Firefly.

Are they retelling the original story word for word? Are they going to change the story dramatically? How are they going to bring Ein to life? So many questions but no answers. All we can do is wait and hope for the best.



Growing up, Megan was that one kid at the back of class reading manga. Now, not much has changed except she started a blog. Basically, your typical geek (although she prefers the term Otaku)

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