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Monkey business in Overwatch

luneThe Overwatch anniversary event isn’t even over yet and we are already getting new information about upcoming editions to the game.

Last night, Blizzard announced that a test patch is now available on PC. While this is great news for some, for console gamers like myself the news is bittersweet.

True, we are getting trailers and news about upcoming content, but we need to wait for a future patch before we can get in on the action. How long do we need to wait? Blizzard neglected to tell us.

This patch includes the latest map, the Horizon Lunar Colony. The former home of our favourite peanut butter loving monkey, Winston. This location has been mentioned several times in both the comics and the animated short. I for one am excited.

What caught my eye in the announcement is that the Oni Genji skin and the Officer D.Va skin will be added to normal Loot Boxes. As a D.Va main who couldn’t run Heroes of the Storm on her laptop (because it is an outdated piece of junk) I am so happy to hear this. Now I have the chance to get that adorable skin. Thanks, Blizzard!

0865440b102361e7cf2f78032b19817cThere are also going to be some notable changes to McCree, Reaper and Roadhog. Firstly, McCree’s ULT has been altered. For Reaper, his health orbs will be removed but he will gain 20% of the damage he has done to his enemies as health instead.

Roadhog’s head hitbox size will be decreased by 20% and while his bullet damage has been cut down by 33% his clip size is going up by one and his fire rate will shoot up by 30%

For more information such as how to participate here is the original article, enjoy.

Not to mention, today is the start of Season 5 of Competitive Play across all systems. I have a love-hate relationship with this game mode. It is extremely stressful and I feel like garbage if I loose, but nothing compares to the thrill of winning. If you are taking part in this season, I wish you the best of luck!



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