Stormblood: What Do We Know?

30208199352_8cc78e2bed_zWarriors of Light, take note.

In my last ramble, Falling for fantasy, I mentioned an upcoming expansion for FF14 called Stormblood, but I didn’t go into any detail about it. The reason for that was because I thought that it needed a separate ramble dedicated to it so here it is!

Stormblood is the second expansion for FF14 which was announced back in October of last year. It is due for release on the 20th of June.

So, what does this expansion have in store?

Firstly, the level cap will increase from 60 to 70 and the inventory will be expanded. There are also new locations such as Gyr Abania, the Ruby Sea, Yanxia, and the Azim Steppe.

On top of that, Red Mage and Samurai will become playable classes.

New additions include new primals and beastmen, a new 8-man raid, the ability to swim and dive, new dungeons, an alliance raid and a new residential district called Shirogane.

redThere are also going to be several changes to the battle system. For example, cross-class skills will no longer be in the game and will be replaced with “role actions” with five different types. (Tank, Healer, Melee DPS, Ranged DPS, Caster). Since cross-class skills have been removed the requirements for unlocking jobs will be altered.

PVP is also getting an upgrade. Now any job over level 30 can participate and PVP actions will now be determined by role, instead of by job.

While I am excited about Stormblood, I haven’t completed A Realm Reborn yet, let alone Heavensward so I won’t be preordering it anytime soon until I have caught up with my friends.

I know that with the release of Stormblood you can buy potions to catch up, but that feels wrong to me so I will make progress in the game the old fashioned way.

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