Oxenfree Review (PS4)

Oxenfree-posterYes, I know that I am late to the party (AGAIN) but hush!

Until the 22nd of this month, the Playstation Store is having a sale called ‘totally digital’ with several games being reduced in price up to 60%. Oxenfree is one of the games included in the sale. I had been interested in this title for a while, but, as I have stated before, my laptop can barely run any game that isn’t 8-bit. So I was chuffed when I saw this game going for £5.79.

Oxenfree is a supernatural thriller about a group of teens who’s island party takes a disturbing turn. You play as Alex as she tries to navigate through this nightmare. Your only tool is a radio, and time is running out.

Maybe I’m just a cynic, but with most thriller games I often see the twists and turns coming a mile away. That is not the case with Oxenfree, though. The game keeps most of the details vague until late in the game, you get hints here and there Oxenfree doesn’t show its full hand imminently.

oxenfreeposter3In terms of gameplay, Oxenfree is a very linear game with a lot of dialogue options, watch what you say, as your way with words will decide which ending you will get. This gives the game a decent replayability factor.

Without giving anything away, I was pleasantly surprised by Oxenfree. The tricky thing about thrillers is that you need to give the audience, or in this case the player, enough information to know what is going on but not enough to spoil any upcoming twists. Oxenfree pulls off this balancing act perfectly.

I don’t normally talk about music when I review games, but I’ll make an exception for Oxenfree. The music is haunting with its use of synths and melodies. It sounds like it doesn’t come from this world, which ties in expertly with the story of the game. SCNTFC, you are a genius! Even if you don’t play this game, at the very least listen to the soundtrack.

Overall, Oxenfree was an otherworldly experience that I am glad I played. It is a suspenseful thriller with elements of supernatural horror. That said, it has a lot of heart and there are a few funny moments here and there. If you are looking for a unique game with an engaging story then I recommend tuning into Oxenfree.

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